Connect 365 Training Library

There are 3 Main Components to creating your first Connect 365 Warm Email Marketing Campaign.

Step 1: Getting Your List

You'll need to choose the contacts that you'll start with your email campaign. This will give you a rundown of some of the most popular ways to gather information for your first batch of prospects.

Step 2: Writing Your Message

Next it's time to determine the campaign strategy and individual messages that will warm these prospects up to you and your business and ultimately drive them towards an appointment or buying opportunity.

Step 3: Setting Up Your Campaign

And finally, it's time to put everything into your Connect 365 campaign and launch. This is where you'll find tutorials for how to use the most common and advanced features within Connect 365.

Getting your list of contacts together for your first campaign. 

Email campaigns and scripts that we recommend to beginners.

Technical training to launch your first campaign with Connect 365.

How to get help from our team.