Connect 365 Implementation Guides

The LinkedIn Boomerang Plan

Use this strategy to email prospects that you have begun a conversation or messaging campaign with on LinkedIn. You will want to exclude current leads AND prospects who declined a phone call.

The Sales Follow-Up Sequence

Use this sequence after you've held a sales call with a prospect who did not purchase or give you an official 'No.'

Long-Term Drip Messaging

This is a long-term top-of-mind strategy. When you need to stay relevant, build relationships and position yourself as THE option when your prospect has a need for your service. Do not include current leads or customers.

The (re)Connection Campaign

Use this campaign when the relationship with specific contacts has grown stale. This should be used for non-clients that haven't been engaged in recent months

Lead Magnet Follow-Up Campaign

This campaign is to be used as additional touchpoints in your automated funnel.

Why don’t other people send warm emails?

It's simple...they don't know they can OR, more specifically, they don’t know there is an automated way to send personal emails in bulk!

But as a member of Connect 365, you know it’s possible!!

Now, all you need to do is TAKE ACTION and implement the right nurture strategy to turn your cold prospect list into WARM leads and clients.

Now onto your first assignment...get ready to launch your new C365 Warm Email campaign!