Connect 365 Bonus Training

+100 Contacts with GetProspect

Connect 365 users that sign up with on the free tier of below will receive an additional 100 FREE contacts in their first month. 

NOTE: If you previously started a GetProspect account - and did not get the additional free contacts, click here for instructions on how to add the free searches to your account.

Connect 365 Training Library

Access all the technical AND marketing training, templates, scripts and suggestions for how to get the best results from your specific Connect 365 campaigns.

Qualified Appointment Master Plan

Define Your Prospect Profile and Prospect Map. This expert training on how to determine the best prospects for you to target AND how to locate them online.

B2C Outreach Automation Mastery

For businesses that sell directly to consumers, we've put together the training and scripts to help you customize the RIGHT way to use Connect 365.

Startup Launch Blueprint

Find the niche you can dominate with our expert training on identifying the best opportunities for your business,develop your unique selling point, and validate your offer.

Outbound Sales Mastery

Learn how to improve your sales conversion numbers by mastering your approach to turn outbound leads into clients. Hosted in partnership with Lushin and Rob Lime this program and mastermind community is entirely focused on building the right sales process for your business.

(Active Monthly & Annual Subscribers Only)

The Marketing Lab

The second and fourth Thursdays of each month we hold a group training session to uncover what's working best for our company and our clients to generate better sales opportunities and leads.

Partner Bonuses

Marketing Mindset Made Easy (Jeanna Gabellini)

Increase the results from every marketing move you make by upgrading your marketing mindset. It’s what attract clients…or repels them. You’ll get everything you need to make lead and client attraction easier, faster, more enjoyable and 10x more effective…no matter which strategies and tactics you implement.

Client Retention Secrets (Christian Mickelsen)

"If your clients stay with you long term, you won't need to "market" your services again. In this powerful audio program, you’ll discover…

  • How keeping clients longer is in their own best interest
  •  Ways to set up a long term coaching relationship right from the beginning 

Effortless (Danny Iny)

The Counterintuitive Business Growth Formula for Coaches, Consultants, Authors, Speakers and Experts

Growing your business doesn't need to feel like an uphill battle...

Get your copy of Effortless and the accompanying toolkit & workshop below.

3-Month Free Access to Xperiencify & Ticket to The 'Dopamine Button' Challenge (Marisa Murgatroyd)

90-day FREE trial of Xperiencify, the new gamified online education (LMS) platform that builds 7 critical psychological triggers into your content, so that 10-30x more students engage with your content and take huge action.

This platform has been proven to cut student abandonment rates down by half, while skyrocketing your lifetime customer value. PLUS a special invite to learn the Dopamine Button phenomenon, and how to apply it to any online course or educational, to empower more students to put DOWN Instagram and pick up YOUR content.

The next Challenge will run from April 5-25.

Fast Revenue Copywriting Course (Rob Goyette)

How to build and Nurture a Big List and Then Make Irresistible Offers via Email

20 Ways To Increase The Value Of Your Offer (Todd Herman)

Use this checklist to ensure you're creating the MOST value for your customers, so they look at your offers and jump at them, instead of 'humming and ha-ing' over them.

The Ultimate Directory of Podcasters (Steve Olsher)

The Ultimate Directory of Podcasters is the most comprehensive resource available for identifying leading podcasts that are looking for guests just like you to feature on their high-visibility shows! You get detailed contact information for the world's leading podcasters (including their email addresses)!

Also included: a free lifetime subscription to Podcast Magazine! Click here to claim it!

Quick Profit Launcher (Liam Austin)

In this LIVE workshop Liam Austin will walk you through a proven system to get quick results and high profits, from your virtual workshop. Simple and easy to put together in just a few hours - no tech skills or virtual event experience needed! You get paid for your time AND get new clients into your signature program.

Details TBA

Why don’t other people send emails like this?

It's simple...they don't know they can OR, more specifically, they don’t know there is an automated way to send personal emails in bulk!

But as a member of Connect 365, you know it’s possible!!

Now, all you need to do is TAKE ACTION and implement the right nurture strategy to turn your cold prospect list into WARM leads and clients.

Now onto your first assignment...get ready to launch your new C365 Warm Email campaign!